Never allow entry of a person under the machine when it is lifted.
Fall of the machine can cause injuries or death.


   Before lifting the machine,check the machine mass and lifting mass, and make sure to use the proper transport apparatus that has the rated load capacity of more than the machine mass.
Fall of the machine can cause damages and injuries.

   Avoid such installation as will cause deformation of gaer reducer,casings and oil unit.
Damages can occur.

   Do not touch the key groove at shaft end and sharp edges directly with bare hands.
Injury can occur.

   Centering accuracy at connecting with a mating machine should be within 0.1 mm deflection,as control value, for both periphery and sides.
Use of the machine exceeding the control value can cause damages.

   Before connecting with a mating machine,check the rotating direction.
Erroneous rotating direction can cause injuries or damages.

   Provide safety covers over the exposed rotating parts.
Otherwise,you may be caught in the machine to result in injuries.

(1)Before installation,check the machine for damage during transportation.

(2)After centering,position the machine with pins or stoppers.

(3)After installation,retighten all the fastening bolts.