Lub.oil is not filled in the machine!
Before operation, fill lub.oil of the recommended type by instruction manuals and drawings to the level of specification.
Operation with no or insufficient lub.oil can cause damages.

(1)If the machine has been stored for a long time after delivery or stoppage, check it carefully for rusting and inclusion of foreign matter.
Check the gear teeth and bearings with special care.

(2)Turn the input shaft with a hand and confirm that the rotary assembly revolves smoothly.

(3)The machine is supplied without lub oil in it.
Before operation, be sure to fill oil by opening the inspection window on top of the casing with special care so to avoid inclusion of any foreign matter into the casing.

(4)The type of lub oil, the oil quantity and filling procedure are described on the attached specification sheet of this machine.
The lub oil quantity shown on this manual or drawing is approximate.
When filling the oil,check its level on the oil level gauge on the casing or on the oil tank or with the oil level rod and feed the oil up to the specified level.
If the oil rod is equipped, its center line is the normal oil level.
Check this level as a reference when filling the oil.

(5)The machine is supplied with the enough quantity of grease filled in it.
There is no need of the grease filling.
(In case of grease filling type, refer the manual.)

(6)See instruction to lubricate and grease the coupling.