Stop revolution of the drive and driven machines securely to inspect the tooth face condition.
You may be caught into gears to result in injuries.

   Do not operate the machine without safety covers, removed for inspection.
You may be caught to result in injuries.

(1)After start of operation, change the lub oil at the following period.

a) First change : 1 month after start-up
b) Second change : 3 months after first change
c) Third and subsequent changes : every 6 months
d) Change all the quantities of grease in the greasing points when the reducer is overhauled
(at least once a year).
(In case of graese filling type, refer to the manual)

(2)Draw the lub oil and inspect it for contamination at every one month after first oil changing indicated above.
If it is contaminated or deteriorated severely,change it.
Discharge the oil through the drain in the bottom of the casing.
It can be discharged quickly while the oil is warm.

(3)Check the lub oil by visual check at every 10 days.
In case of sudden change of colour or other visualized change, may have possibility for the damages at gear reducer.
Stop the running of gear reducer immediately, and check the gear reducer.

(4)Open the casing at least once a year to inspect the gears,bearings and oil seals for warm and damage.

* Replacement of radial bearing refers to the “Specifications of reducer”.
* When opening the casing, refer the instructions in Item 7 Opening and Reassembly.

(5)Maintenance during stoppage.

a) During stoppage,the air breather,etc. should be sealed tightly to prevent rusting.
b) If the reducer is not operated within one year,run it under no load for about 10 minutes at least once in every three months to lubricate the whole surfaces in the casing.
c) If the reducer is not operated for more than one year,run it under no load for 10 minutes with the lub oil containing anti-rust agent "RUST VETO 4222-S"(20%) to lubricate the whole surfaces in the casing.
Repeat the above procedure once a year.