While the machine is operated, never approach or contact to the revolving assemblies (such as shafts).
You may be caught in the machine to result in injuries.


   Do not exceed the rated load while the machine is operated.
Damages and injuries can occur.

   While the machine is operated,do not allow your hands and body to touch with it.
Part of the machine is very hot!
You may be burned.

   When a failure occurs,stop the machine immediately.
Do not operate the machine till the cause of failure is removed.
Damages and injuries can occur.

(1)First, operate the machine under no load for 3 to 5 hours.
In case of the long strage conditions or after delivered, operation sequence is as follows.
a) Confirm the oil level whether the oil is designated level.
b) If the oil level is normal, repeat the inching in several times to supply the oil for all internal parts.
c) Start no load operation.

(2)If nothing abnormal is observed,perform run-in operation as follows:
(a) Operation for more than 3 hours under a 1/2 load.
(b) Operation for more than 3 hours under a 2/3 load.

(3)If everything is satisfactory,put the machine in normal operation.

(4)When the normal operation is started, measure and record the noise volume, vibration and temperature at various parts at reqular intervals to obtain reference data for maintenance.