Disassembly and reassembly should be carried out by the specialist with technical knowledge.
Imperfect work can result in damages.

*  Before open the casing, comfirm its construction,etc.on the attached assembly drawing.
Give match-marks to disassembled parts to facilitate reassembly.


a) Discharge the lub oil in the casing ( tank ).
b) Remove the bolts of the input and output shaft couplings.
c) Remove the fastening bolts from the flange of upper and bottom casing.
d) Remove the upper casing.
e) Take out the shafts and gears.
f) Clean the inside of the casing.


a) For assembly, turn over the above procedure.
b) Provide stoppers to the bolts which are locked.
If any stoppers are defective replace it.
c) Clean the grease points and fill a sufficient quantity of grease with hand.
(For the grease to be used and the quantity,see the specification of the reducer.)
d) Thoroughly remove the old liquid packing from the casing flange surfaces and bearing cover joint surfaces, clean and check these surfaces.
Then apply new liquid packing (THREE-BOND 1215) carefully to avoid the leakage.
e) After overhauling or replacement of bearings, pour lub oil on the surfaces of gear tooth and bearing rollers sufficiently before operation.
f) Fasten each bolt tightly so that it will not get loose in operation.